Nataly and Chris

Get ready everyone because this wedding will blow you away with its beautiful details and beautiful people. I hope I did a commendable job capturing all the yummy goodness that Nataly worked so hard on. Big props for making those piñata table numbers. You are just fullof talent. Check out her awesome illustration work here!

This wedding had some great speeches! Genuine, witty, educational  (I learned a Swedish word) and an acceptable amount of tears.  Special props to Nataly’s Swedish sister in law who introduced and taught all of us a new awesome word, “grrrrrr-got” (i have no clue how to spell this but those who attended the wedding, ya’ll know what I’m talking about). I’m going to use this word for everything now. My nap was soo ‘grr-got’, Nataly and Christian are ‘grrrrrrrr-got’, donuts are ‘grr-got’, etc…
And apparently “the mic is made of onion”. I had no idea Christian was so hilarious, you’re a natural comedian.

Enjoy the photos! I’m splitting this post into two because there were too many images I wanted to post so keep your eyes peeled for the next post folks!

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