green fusion

Today I got to hang out with a buddy of mine. It’s rare to find a female with such vision and purpose who actually take steps towards the goal. This lady is going to go far and i’m proud to call her my friend. If you need any prints done you should definitly contact this young lady. She will have a website up soon so I will keep you all posted!!

We hit up this Vietnamese restaurant called Green Fusion where we got to inhale our food. It was YUMMO!!! I recommend it to anyone out there looking for cheap-eats. The chicken vermicelli came up to $6.73 in total. You go in and order at the cash and sit down with the number they give you, you then pick up whatever utensils and sauce you need and you take your seat. Once the food is ready they come and bring it to your table. I like it. That means you don’t have to bother with paying the bill after a good meal…I think that’s the worst way to finish your meal LOL! I’d rather pay first and then eat.

yonge and gerrard


self serve lime water and utensils

chicken vermicelli

sarah pyo