Be inspired

i love travel
i grew up traveling so when i reflect over the past couple years it makes me a little sad that i haven’t really been traveling to interesting places. i’m in the process of thinking and praying over making a photography trip with my colleague and friend :)
it’s really exciting!
it’s exciting to dream and think about stuff like this because i’m passionate about it. we plan to go with a purpose and direction because going trigger happy over just anything and everything is a waste of time and resources.
to give you an idea of what i’m talking about check this guy out:
Joey Lawrence

link was sent to me by claudia :) thanks claudia!
2010 is going to be so awesome!
inspiration is so important
what inspires me?
people who do what they talk about…as yoda says “do or do not…there is no try”, yes i believe i just quoted star wars lol! if you want to learn to salsa…then go take lessons or go to a salsa club, if you want to travel then save some money and take off, if you want to learn a new language then take some time out of your day and make real steps towards it.
he he he :)

Anyhooo i’m just quickly updating my blog because my friend rachel faithfully checks my blog to find no new entries.
that picture is me in istanbul…one of my favourite places i

‘ve visited! Just had a mtg with a couple and the guys from turkey so it just reminded me of that trip…