family portraits

just going through some photos from christmas! lol i know it’s nearing the end of january and i’m blogging about it now! it was really great to be able to give back to the church and do this photoshoot for people. I can’t tell you how many parents thanked me because they don’t have any family photos! unbelievable!
I forgot to take my 35mm so i used my 50mm…hahaha this is good practice…hopefully i’ll remember to take everything i need for my next photobooth. This is what happens when you switch bags. i really recommend sticking with one bag when you go on shoots because it reduces the chances of forgetting something important!

lastly our pastor jason + helen smn. the best pastor and wife duo ever! aren’t they the perfect gap couple? lol they didn’t even plan their outfit but came wearing the same combination! lol! so cute!

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  1. Jenn wrote:

    I agree with all the other parents – thank you soooo much for taking these wonderful photos of all of us! you are de best!