Family Time

Ahhhhh I love babys! I just wanna bite their cheeks!
Liz and Jussi’s baby Gabriel has incredibly bite-able cheeks. He’s such a happy smiley baby with a variety of expressions, such a sweetheart. I got to spend the whole day with the family beginning the shoot in Gabriels baby room and wrapping things up at the harbourfront. It was awesome working with such a welcoming and laid back family. It’s also such a pleasure shooting people that my camera loves and my camera really loved Liz and Jussi :D check it out they’re like models!





  1. Claudia Hung wrote:

    Freaking attractive family!

  2. Kevin wrote:

    i agree with Claudia!
    wow. these are awesome! Great work!

  3. oppa wrote:

    waow~ good job!

  4. Frances Coker wrote:

    These are really nice. You capture people so well!