Fun with Milk + Honey

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the afternoon with Ms. Yoon the mastermind behind Milk + Honey. She’s in the middle of putting together a cookbook but needed a cover so she asked me to come over and take some shots of her workin away in the kitchen in exchange for some of her delicious red velvet cupcakes!!! I LOOOOVE cupcakes, i love it more than cheescake, regular cake, muffins or regular cookies (get the idea?) I especially LOOOVE her red velvet cupcakes :) I had no idea such cupcakes existed until I had a chance to try hers through strange circumstances (wink wink) and I’ve been a convert ever since. If any one of you out there want to get in my good books order me a dozen red velvet cupcakes with the brownie hearts on top and we’ll be best friends. Her place was an awesome place to take photos because her kitchen has tons of large windows, like bay windows but with more room. Fun Fun. She made just under 4 dozen cupcakes that day…what a trooper she is :)

milk+honey 1

milk + honey 3

milk + honey 2

milk + honey 4milk + honey 5

milk + honey 6

milk + honey 7


  1. Claudia Hung wrote:

    p.s. Looks very Jasmine Star-esque :)
    A good thing.

  2. gee wrote:

    thanks! lol, yea the busy background was bothering me :)

  3. heeeheee


    thanks for coming out that day again.
    you are always welcome in my kitchen. :)

    by the way, just a quick question.
    i was going to get wordpress, but hey you have to pay to edit css, eh? pfft! what’s that? blogspot is free! hermph.

    oh and i am going to put your photo on my blog! but i will most definitely credit you and link you~

    thanks gee.

  4. June wrote:

    oooh looks delicious. I wish I could pick the cupcakes out from this photo and eat it. Man, Gee, you take good photos. These looks like ones I’d see in a cookbook!

  5. Jenn wrote:

    Mmm… cupcakes!
    Sarah’s making a cook book, how exciting! Great photos.

  6. Exquisite photography. Your use of DOF is great.