Happy Bday Cuz

…a special shout out to my cuz June…an aspiring authoress :)
i’m cheering for you! write on! wrote on!!!
we spent a productive day today. we hit up the ROM, Indigo, movie theater…and of course amazing food.

oh man, who knew playing was so tiring, or am i just getting old?


june on march 16


  1. Sarah wrote:

    Woooaaaaahhh~ i like dem photos, miss~ =D
    You so talented, I’m so happy you my friend.
    And you must be getting old! I remember the days of Geehae, AKA 슈퍼 우먼. haha~ you amazed the whole Yoo family, I tell you ;)
    can’t wait till school is out so we can go on dates – WOOT WOOT!
    I updated my blog too, instead of studying *bad*
    go read and leave me a comment, it will make my day happy =)
    saranghae! <3

  2. Sarah wrote:

    Sure, surrrrrre. It was the “shoes”. *Shaking my head*
    haha, you’re still young, but your body is gettin’ old, my friend. Time to really work it out! (look who’s talking…)
    And I love the smell of rain tooooo! I actually google imaged “rain”/”raindrops”, etc for a long while, but not photos to my liking so I no post it =(
    Take a nice picture of rain for me some day! But me hopes it don’t rain too soon. I like Mr. Sun =)
    post something, possssst! you said you’d post everyday ;)

  3. Sarah wrote:

    PS: Tour comment made me happy girl.
    I was so giddy because I got a comment from you that Will called me a silly baby…but I’m a happy silly baby! =D

  4. June wrote:

    I love your photos; they’re so lovely! I’ve favorited your blog. I’ll be checking up on it everyday when I remember! So I hope you’ll have entries up everday!