hopping onto a plane again

I’m off to korea next week. I’m so excited to go see my parents and my brother and his lovely wife :)
I think i’m more excited to see my sister in law than anyone else hahaha. I’ve always wanted a sister and my brothers choice in a bride couldn’t have been more perfect. I LOVE HER! She’s the best sister a girl could want.
She’s a composer, more specifically she composes for musicals. When I was in korea last she took me to some amazing places that only locals know about and I was absolutely thrilled because that’s exactly what I had always wanted. I hope to post a lot of photos while I’m there of the sights and sounds of korea as well as the people I meet. Hopefully I can collect some interesting stories too.


  1. Janey wrote:

    That sounds so exciting!! I want to go to Korea too!

    How long will you be gone for?

    Eat some yook gae jang for me haha! MmmMM sooo good!

    See you Saturday :)

  2. gee wrote:

    i’ll be gone for 2 months almost wohoo!
    yes i’m looking forward to the food.
    see you in 5 hours :)