Jacqueline + Will

I had the pleasure of shooting another friends wedding in London Ontario. It’s so different shooting outside of the city because first of all it’s hard to scout areas to shoot prior to the wedding. But everything turned out great because they got married at a winery and winery’s are always pretty :)
I went up to London the night before and stayed at a hotel with the bridesmaids but we got woken up by a fire alarm at around 3 or 4am…!!!!! GARH!!! i was so angry! I almost didn’t go outside cause I just wanted to sleep! While we were waiting outside for the firemen to arrive we saw a little boy with a firefighter helmet! lol! it was so cute…the bridesmaids and I were saying this night is probably a night he will never forget! The fire fighters came and thought the boy was so cute and they all patted him on the head and the boy was so excited…CUTE!

So..back to the wedding…the church was BEAUTIFUL! :) and jackie looked beautiful!
We began the shoot at Western and wrapped up at the winery where they had the reception.
It’s just such a privilege to be part of such an important day. I must say, it’s a little more nerve wrecking when shooting a friends wedding :S but at the same time…i don’t think I could stand watching another photographer shoot my friends wedding!

thanks jackie and will! I’m so happy you’re my neighbour now! Hope you guys are settling nicely :)