jennifer | maternity

I confess…when people would ask me to do a maternity shoot I used to cringe ever so slightly. Lets say I wasn’t a fan of them. They weren’t inspiring because I couldn’t relate. It’s funny how things change. Having recently journeyed through pregnancy, and now watching my little one grow, I see differently. The stage of pregnancy is so beautiful; your body is changing so much to create life. I have a new found respect for mothers and pregnant folks and YOU SHOULD TOO!!!! Someone carried you and brought you into this world!

Here are some weird things that happened when I was pregnant:
– I thought about my mum a lot (more appreciative)
– A lot of saliva; a lot of drooling.
– Emotional. My husband says it was like I was “drowning in a glass box of emotions…” I think he exaggerates
– Hair growing in weird places *shifty eyes*
– You morph into a walking heater

Check out my friend Jennifer. She shows the world how to do pregnant. I had no jaw when I was pregnant so I avoided the camera. ha!
Thanks for trusting me to capture your belly. love ya lots chingoo.