Jess + Marshall Married

yes..they’re married….i shot their engagement shoot and their wedding with only a week apart LOL that’s gotta be a record for me. I’m so truly happy for jess and marshall. Like I said before I never imagined I would shoot my highschool friends wedding but God works in mysterious ways. I asked them where they were going for their honeymoon only to realize that was a dumb question because they live in hawaii…I wonder where people from hawaii go for honeymoons…
Both the ceremony and reception were at a heritage home and it was so quaint! The whole wedding was very laid back and cozy :)
What was interesting aboutAdd an Image this wedding was that they had their photoshoot prior to the ceremony so they did this thing called “first viewing”…i think i just made up that name but you get the meaning. I really like that concept though. Before all the craziness begins you get some quiet time with the other person, take a deep breath and step out together….i like.


now lets get this party STARTED!!!!! love these shots of people dancing HEHEHHE



  1. Joee wrote:

    G, these are amazing ! Who says it’s crazy do photograph the weddings of your friends and families ?!?! I say, if you want it done right, you do it yourself :)

    Again, just amazing imagery you’ve captured here !


  2. Nancy wrote:

    I just wanted to say that these pictures are beautiful. So glad that Jess found a great guy like Marshall.. I am the mom of the 3 year that was rippin it up on the dancefloor.


  3. gee wrote:

    joee…yea i agree, i sooo wish i had shot my brothers wedding! i regret it so much! What I meant was that I just didn’t think I would become a wedding photographer and didn’t think I would be shooting my friends weddings. I love my job :)

    Nancy…thank you so much :) yea, jess and marshall are such a good fit for one another!

  4. Claudia Hung wrote:

    Woohoo! My photos made the cut! *tear*

  5. Joee wrote:

    Gee, it’s not a job…because we love what we do :) We are wedding crashers with cameras :)

  6. daseul wrote:

    gee, truly truly amazing and beautiful

  7. June wrote:

    OH MY GOSH. These photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! The black and white photos look like the ones I’d see in one of those classy magazines. All your pictures look amazing. Great job, gee!