just me

today i took a walk with my mum outside along the rice fields. i needed some pictures of myself hahahaha!
i have such few pictures of myself sometimes I worry that i am deteriorating from this world and there will be no evidence of my existence and the police won’t believe that i am in fact geehae jeong. well….maybe not to that degree but you get my meaning. So today I was the model and my MUM was the photographer! hahaaha
It was actually pretty fun because I was able to learn a couple things. Being a model helped me understand first of all what it feels like to be on the other end and also understand what how a slight turn of the head or body can significantly make or break a shot. That it’s not all about changing locations for variety but it’s also about helping your subjects feel comfortable and loose. When your subject is feeling comfortable you can get sooo much more out of one scene. I realized this because I’m totally comfortable in front of my mum. I didn’t feel self conscious or shy so it turned out great!


  1. Sarah wrote:

    awww~ *i heart*!
    you look great, my dear! “desert chic” has turned into “rice fields chic”?!
    your blog looks great too, and i’m liking all these picture of geehae~ we really don’t get enough of it!
    mama jeong took good photos, like daughter, like mother <3

  2. roskho wrote:

    i like.

    why does the one marshmellow have “22” spray-painted on it?

  3. June wrote:

    Holy Canoly! Why does the rice patty look prettier in your photo!!! AHHH I miss that place so much!

    And your mother is an awesome photographer. It looks like your from a magazine advertising for Addidas or something…. you know… with a fragrance or running shoes at the corner of the page…and the logo is: “BE ONE WITH NATURE”


    ok i’ll stop now