{ married | megan & christopher }

It seems as though every time I’m at Fields on West Lake the weather is the same. Cold and gloomy…with rain. However! Every time I go there it’s such an awesome wedding with such awesome couples. The outdoors, the decor, the people and LOVE…they are all ingredients to make that awesome wedding. It was personally so sweet because they had some crazy rains during their ceremony which was just like mine! I love weddings like this because it reminds me of my very own crazy backyard wedding. Something about rain that’s very utterly romantic. Check out the clip at the veeeeryyyy bottom and you’ll see how hard it was raining. Thank you Megan and Christopher for having me. It was a pleasure and an honor to shoot another fellow photographer’s wedding! I was part excited and nervous the whole time.

All the best!


Megan + Christopher from geehae jeong on Vimeo.