…i’m leaving on a jet plane…

…i’ll be back in 5 days…

I’m off to Iowa…flight is in 7hrs and counting…

@_@ feel a bit like a zombie because I’ve been on the go for a little while and feel like I just need some time to think and do nothing. Ah but tis the life of an adult. Anyways, I’m pretty pumped about seeing my friend shinae again :) I shall hold on to that and go… A part of me is amazed that the time has finally come for me to go to Iowa and shoot my friends wedding.
ok, my goal while I’m away is to work in my hotel room and get some serious work done. Hopefully I’ll put some pictures up too :)
I should pack some red bull…

things to pack:
– camera!
– wallet
– passport
– running shoes (planning on doing some jogging)
– black clothes
– bible + journal
– iphone

yawn! i’m so sleeepy @_@