one of the the things i appreciate most about shooting with claud and chris is the dynamism. We’ve come to a point where we understand each other and appreciate each others quirks as well as respect each other professionally. It’s really great to be able to bounce an idea off a person and they take it to the next level and the next person takes it to the NEXT level whereas if i were shooting alone the creative juices would stop a lot earlier. I think what i’m trying to say is that the rate of learning ends up being higher/quicker because throughout the day we’re constantly talking and sharing.
It’s so great! i love it :)
Aside from shooting amazing weddings and getting to know some unique people i really LOVE getting to know other fellow photographers and making them life long friends.

the photos below were exposed by painting with 2 iPads. it was totally fun and i learned something new…
basically manually focus (too dark to autofocus) then set to a very long exposure then paint with a light source the areas you want exposed. try it :)


  1. Claudia Hung wrote:

    These were taken while we were hard at work, mind you.

  2. gee wrote:

    of course! these were taken while we were eating our dinner during the reception in between speeches :P

  3. Preston Szeto wrote:

    HA! No way…. completely forgot Chris knows you and Claud!

    I guess Asian + Photography is a small world after all! LOL