Reuben’s First Birthday

babieeeeessss!!!!!!! babies are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when i see their chubby cheeks I want to just bite them :)
check out the cuteness rm-07042009-236rm-07042009-235reuben2rm-07042009-056rm-07042009-328reuben3rm-07042009-355rm-07042009-362


  1. June wrote:

    Awww so cute!!!!

    ….I was there at that park!!!! Three hours of observing the lake. I had to write a seaside scene, so good thing I went, eh? haha

  2. Charles wrote:

    I’m amazed by your/the photography these days… It looks like a window right into the event at hand! My 8 year old Canon Digital Elph SD v.1.0 just doesn’t seem to capture the moment :D I handed it over to a random person to take my picture, and they told me to buy a new camera!!!… who does that!?

  3. Khristine wrote:

    hi geehae!

    I love your photography :) I will definetly keep you in mind / recommend you in the future! This is my first time seeing reuben’s pictures. they’re precious! lol @ the pictures that show his sneeze :D