Sophia + Brad Married :)

sophia and brads wedding was FUN!
I truly felt so welcomed even felt like a friend by the end of the night. They have such amazing personality and it was a blast just capturing their day. Shooting was tricky at times with the rain but sophia and brad were amazing sports. The rain didn’t seem to be able to dampen their mood. I am truly so happy for you guys and Brad…brad you’re pretty cool :) and sophia! you are soooo sweet! No wonder sally loved you so much when she was a kid! I’d love to have an older sister like you hehehehe!

The location for Sophia and Brads shoot was distillary district! I love that place because they have amazing food! Which i got to experience :) we took a lunch break at Pure Spirits where I ordered seared tuna sandwich…let me tell you how amazing it was…IT WAS AMAZING! it just melted in my mouth!

Reception was held at a large chinese restaurant…I had loads of fun following brad and sophia around to all the tables doing the traditional “cheers” thing…i don’t even know what it’s called…but photos look amazing! I’m realizing more and more how much I love dynamic photos :)


everyone has a camera and everyone wants their own copy… grumble grumble…sb-07252009-193sb-07252009-272sb01





sb-07252009-599hehehehe…love the random dog walking across this shot :)


sophia and brad sharing a very passionate kiss…level 3 :p




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  1. Claudia Hung wrote:

    Lovin’ the wide.
    Did you guys eat at the Boiler House or Archeo? MMMmMmMmMmMM…. I got to shoot their menu and eat the good. Soooo good :D