Thailand: Bangkok day one


this cab driver had the looooogest thumb nails ever!!!!! on top of that he had elvis hair.

entrance to the grand palace and temple of emerald buddaaahhh

Did u know the movie “king and I” is banned in Thailand. Although its a democratic country they still treat the king like a deity.Off to see the grand palace and temple of emerald buddha. It’s hot and I have to make some effort to not let that start annoying me. I pull my hair up in a bun and face the heat. It’s quite beautiful and my tour guide does his best to explain everything to me. It’s all very Buddhist (duh) and I have a hard time trying to be serious when the guide tells me the story about a demon stealing the kings wife and the king recruiting a white monkey to fight for her back. There are lots of pictures depicting the story and I wish at this moment my friends were here to crack jokes together. But. That’s not very respectful. I do a pretty good job of not verbalizing my jokes to my guide who seems to be quite devout.It’s hot it’s hot it’s hotThe palace portion of the grounds is beautiful. it really must have been amazing to live here back in the day. This is when I think about the movie the king and I. The king in that movie is the 4th king who’s considered to be very important because he was the 5th kings father. The 4th king changed everything by teaching his kids English which mobilized the 5th king to then modernize Thailand.All this is very interesting. But it’s hot and I’m ready to go home.
We make a stop I wasn’t aware of at the gem “museum”. There are people siting there making jewelry on the spot. I realize there is a worker following me around. I wasn’t sure if she was following me so I use my spy skills to try and loose her…yup, she’s following me.
I start getting annoyed because I’m ready to go home but me guide is nowhere in sight. I finally find him after about 10mins of circling.
I’m put on a new van and taken home.I tell this to the Korean family that I’m staying with and he tells me the guides get a cut of what the tourists buy.
Feels kinda scammy and dishonest to me and I’m glad I didn’t buy anything…not that I had money with me.

It’s so nice to be back in my room with me things. I pass out at about 4pm and wake up at 1:30am. CUUURSES!!!

Update: I’m told by the mum here that I was snoring up a storm and the whole house heard and there was no waking me. I’m so embarrassed.

such contrasty colours. i love it!

for luck…

man working on repairs.



  1. Sue wrote:

    The version of the king and I that caused the ban is the rogers and hammerstein version with yule brenner playing the king. The king was portrayed as barbaric which offended thais.,, the recent one with jodie foster is considered better but they were not allowed to film ib thailand and everything was done and built in malaysia.

    Eat in the food court at siam paragon! Delicious, fairly inexpensive and good and clean. MBK usa also very good :)

  2. Will Chang wrote:

    Oh man I miss Thailand. Are you going to any of their islands? Love the pics!~ Brings back memories. Hope all is well~