{ things no.1 | in my bag }

I love “things” so I’ve decided to create a new category for them. Hopefully I can share with you some things/objects that I find are useful and/or interesting.

1. Coach wallet: I have a hard time finding the perfect wallet because I don’t like carrying around big ass wallets that don’t fit into my pocket. I like it slim and sleek and I found the perfect one at coach! They have a whole array of colours so co check it out.
2. Essie nail polish {sand} I’ve been looking for a neutral colour and this is currently my fave. Got asked about it by a lady while I was out today.
3. Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner: this thing is the bomb! My lips are constantly chapped! Chronic! I’m talking sahara desert chapped. Thanks for the recommendation adrienne!
4. Wedding Thank you cards: ………need to get on this soon time.


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  1. Deb wrote:

    Dry from within….. Love you!!