i watched Watchmen the other day but before doing so I went to the book store to look at some of the books that came out in prelude to the movie. One book i picked up to look through was “Watchmen: Portraits” by Clay Enos. The photographs look so bright and clean yet there’s something about it that looks very grungy too. The movie itself is very raw..nothing is really hidden really (I was suprised that the blue man a.k.a Dr Manhattan does not wear underwear). The book is filled with portraits of characters from the film as though the characters were real, some photos were quite funny. Although the movie is set in the 1980s it goes back and forth to the 50s also. Movies set in the past or future are so much more interesting than movies set in the present. Overall I enjoyed the movie because it was entertaining, it did its job. Coming out of the theater I heard mixed reviews but the negative reviews were generally expressed by the gentler sex.

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  1. GEE!

    red velvet. monday. noon. my house.

  2. HR wrote:

    I want to watch Watchmen!
    I want to read the comics…

  3. gee wrote:

    wohooo red velvet! i LOOOOVE RED VELVET!!!