anne + angel } engaged

Every year I get a couple of clients that have the worst luck with the weather. Anne and Angel REALLLYYYY wanted to shoot at Stratford because of the many dates they shared there. Usually I don’t drive this far out of Toronto for an engagement session but I had to make an exception for this sweet couple. 
I arrived in Stratford a bit earlier so I sat by the river and took a breather from the drive. It’s so beautiful out there! 
When I saw anne and angel approach I gave a little squeal cause they looked so cute!…the guitar…the fedora hat…white summer dress. I forced Angel to serenade Anne and I must say…Angel has a sweet voice. It was such a chill shoot. It honestly felt like I was just hanging out with them as friends. Thanks Anne and Angel for having me along on your date.


  1. Dominika wrote:

    love the pics Gee! love the couple as well :)

  2. cecille dimabuyu wrote:

    Beautiful shots, beautiful place. The two of you looked perfect together. Love u guys!!

  3. Marianne wrote:

    YEAH! FINALLY good weather came and you got the pics! Looks amazing you two! Can’t wait for the wedding pics! Great job Gee!

  4. Marianne wrote:

    ps…Angel can you serenade me as well!

  5. Gil Galang wrote:

    Wonderful!! Excellent and perfect looking couple.

    Have Fun and the Enjoy the journey together!

  6. Tina Silva wrote:

    Luv the pics. U two look great..

  7. Hott4Marjo wrote:

    serenade me as well please!!!

  8. Allan wrote:

    Angel, awesome pictures!

  9. Priya wrote:

    Adorable pics you guys! Anne you look so pretty!

  10. Anne wrote:

    Thanks Geehae, for making us look so good!

  11. Marian Dimabuyu wrote:

    Nice pictures. You really belong to each other.