Hyerim + James jr Engaged!

I’m so happy for Hyerim and James! I got the real deal story on their engagement during the engagement shoot and I was amazed at how perfect the whole timing was. We started the shoot by going to china town…walked to kensington market and ended at UofT!!!!
It was a good day to shoot :)

GEE_479120090623_01GEE_4956GEE_503620090623_02GEE_5162GEE_5292GEE_5301GEE_5446GEE_5586GEE_5663GEE_5702GEE_5665…test shot…do you like my feet? :)


  1. susan wrote:

    very nice!!! love the 3rd photo :)

  2. HR wrote:

    Thank you Gee! You are an amazing photographer (not that I didn’t already know but here it is once again)… :) Thank you so much for beautifully capturing our love.
    Looking forward to the wedding shoot!!! <3

  3. lo wrote:

    beautiful love, beautiful images…
    good work, gee!!!

  4. jin wrote:

    beautiful pictures!!!

  5. skim wrote:

    stunning work, gee.
    just stunning.

    what else can i say? lol

  6. Jackie wrote:

    hi gee!
    beautiful photos :D love them!

  7. Charles wrote:

    It takes a discerning eye to walk around downtown Toronto and find a bucket that has the label “trouble”. You’ve got the gift Gee :D ps, congrats to the happy couple.

    I’ll go over the photos again and see if I can also find Waldo.

  8. gee wrote:

    Hyerim: you’re welcome! so happy I got to shoot you guys…hope we never have to go into that shady underground parking lot with the pool of water and questionable stench :)

    claudia: veiny feet? well i say to you SWEATY HANDS!

    charles, good eye, i actually wondered if anyone would see that, takes a genius to know one ;P

    thank you everyone for the kind words :)

  9. HR wrote:

    I wish I could say, I’ll never step foot into that parking lot again but I have a feeling James and I will… We like to go to that Pho place. We usually park on the first level where it’s generally a bit better than last time!

    Do I know this Charles? :) I actually love that the bucket reads trouble. It’s hilarious! Also, “tag your sin’s?”?? Haha hmm, that one’s a little questionable but then the one where it says “watch for children”, I like too! (Although that photo isn’t here…)

  10. ronald wrote:

    OW OOOOW!!!~

    Jr looks HOT ;P

    Seriously, you watch your back HR…

    ..cuz I’ll be a lurkin :|