Jacqueline + William

on friday i had the pleasure of capturing the love between jackie + will
the shoot was at UofT. MAN! the university is strict about photos being taken inside…you need a permit for everything @_@
friday was actually a really tiring day for me because I had so many errands to run! From meeting my hair appointment to picking up my photobooks to shopping for the perfect pair of pumps to go with my dress for saturdays wedding…and an engagement shoot to finish it off.

jacliam 4

jacliam 1

jacliam 9

jacliam 8jacliam 3jacliam 2jacliam 4

jacliam 7

jacliam 6



  1. Nice work. I particularly like the first umbrella shot.

  2. Sarah wrote:

    you’re cool…and you’re my friend….so I’m cool, by association – YES!!! *fist pump*
    these are absolutely fantabulous, hon!
    i too love the umbrella shot <3
    AJA AJA! keep it up!

  3. Hye-Rim wrote:

    These are beautiful!!! And they were taken at UC (University College — my college)~ :D

    Did you have to pay for the permit? I forget the exact rules and regulations…

  4. June wrote:

    woooooooooow these photos are super nice!


    awesome-o gee-thang!!!

    i loooove the umbrella kiss!