Jenn + Kevin

This past weekend was pretty busy!
To begin the wknd I had an engagement shoot with jenn + kevin and to wrap it up I had a casual family photoshoot. But WHY IS IT STILL SO COLD!?!?!? But everyone did a great job with toughing it through the windy and chilly weather. The more I shoot i’ve noticed that I like photos that are not perfect. I like it when there’s blurring, unfocused or a bit too much glare…or even random things that are ” in the way” of the main focus in the picture. I like these flaws because that’s life. Life is not perfect, it often throws a curve ball at ya and as we walk on our respective paths we find that things “get in our way” just DEAL with it! :)
so sometimes my photos don’t come out “perfect” but i end up loving my accidental photos more than the ones i originally went out to take.

jenn kevin 6

jenn kevin 5jenn kevin 7jenn kevin 1


jenn kevin 2

jenn kevin 3jennkev-02

jennkev 3


  1. GEEEE!!!

    Wow they look great!! I’m so proud of my unphotogenic sister, cuz she looks HOT DAYAM. heehee. Obba looks so musheetsuh too.

    Thanks a bunch for wonderful photos. I can’t wait to see the rest! :D

  2. Jenn wrote:

    Looking good miss Gee:)
    I can’t believe Jen is getting married – I FEEL SO OLD!

  3. June wrote:

    The tied-shoelace pic was niceeeee