jennifer + hao } engaged

oh my goodness what a windy day! jennifer and hao’s engagement session was quite the challenge with wind whirling jenn’s hair about. it was a little frustrating but we made it work. it’s always interesting to see how people respond to the camera. some are shy…almost like a rabbit in the headlights…others get goofy and silly…
as we began the shoot i asked who was more camera shy. hao immediately responded that HE was. this was quite the contrary. hao is NOT camera shy. if you are reading this Hao you’re not camera shy! hahahaha

the due were easy to work with because of their interaction with one another. so sweet and i can’t wait to shoot their wedding! this is such an awesome year! i’m shooting such cool people!

and lastly here’s hao’s idea of a good pose HAHAHAHAHA

look how happy hao looks and how embarrassed jennifer looks. i love it!