Michelle + Andy Engaged

it’s been way too long and it’s 12:21 am right now..just got home from shooting a wedding. Now I’m backing up files + getting ready to sleeeep + blogging + packing to go to new york tomorrow! Talk about multi-tasking haha!
I did an engagement shoot with Michelle and Andy this past week :) I’m shooting their wedding as claudia’s associate which is cool. And they’re a cool couple! And they took me out to dinner which is extra bonus because I always appreciate people who are appreciative and considerate and nice and awesome.
It’s difficult being comfortable in front of someones camera especially when you don’t really know them that well so Michelle and Andy did really well :D
Thanks for the opportunity guys!
Thumbs up!


  1. Michelle & Andy wrote:

    Hey Gee!

    We love the pics and had a great time shooting them!
    Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding!
    Thanks again!

  2. Linda wrote:

    Hey Gee,

    You took such wonderful photos of Michelle and Andy! Love the last shots of them (where they’re kissing)

    see you at the wedding!