Sonia + David | Engaged

Meet Sonia and David.  They met through friends.  One of the best ways to meet your significant other, don’t you think?  After having spent some time with this sweet couple, I can say that they truly are sweet on each other.  Partners for life – ready to battle life’s challenges together.  That’s what it’s really about, isn’t it?
Thanks for showing me around your neighbourhood!



My couples generally start off feeling a little nervous or self conscious.  They tell me “I’m not photogenic,” or “we are awkward and stiff.”  But, they don’t see what I see; that’s what I love about photography.  I get to show people what I see; because in between the “awkwardness” lies great tenderness.  For example, I look at this photo below and I feel how much love and care Sonia has for David.  Sound cheesy?  Maybe, but love is cheese.  MMmm I love cheese.

Also, can I be honest?  I get shy and nervous before heading out with couples.  Why?  Because I want to deliver!  I want to deliver extraordinary works of art for the people I’m privileged to capture.  I want to convey images that will tell their story for a lifetime.  I want to show them how beautiful they are and I want them to feel beautiful too.  As an artist, I find it’s almost normal to be constantly nervous about my work.  Artists out there!  You feel me?