susan + bernard engaged

i’m a tad behind with the blogging so now i’m blogging about a couple who are already married keke s’ok though i just wanted to share some photos with you. Susan and i attended the same church…now bernard has stolen her from us booo we’re sad to see her leave but happy for her at the same time. As a couple susan and bernard are SUPER SWEET! like you’ll get a cavity or barf…in a good way :P
i found myself shooting to match their personality…rather than the stylized poses i usually enjoy i found myself shooting more romanticy…this happened unintentionally but i think it’s a good thing to understand the couples mood and their dynamic. As much as I would want to shoot the way i want to shoot all the time we as photographers need to be mindful of the couples we shoot. It seems like a given but i forget that sometimes. anyhoo! so happy for you susan and bernard!

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  1. Bernard wrote:

    Thanks Gee :)
    So looking forward to seeing wedding pics :)