susan + yu-sung engaged

ahhhhh soooo cuuuuuuute! I almost died when i saw susan and yusung waiting for me at the starbucks in unionville because they looked SO DAMN CUTE!
susan and yusung have been together for NINE YEARS! and they’re still so cute :P You can tell that they are deeply committed to each other because they are so accommodating and considerate to one another.
I love it when clients take initiative to make an engagement shoot a success. Whether it’s picking their location, being creative with their outfit or bringing a prop it makes a huge difference in the outcome of the photos. Well check out the photos from their engagement it’s just TOO CUTE! they brought a tandem bike and we rode it around up north around some farms :)
in the shots where they’re riding with nerdy glasses note that this is on top of their contacts haha so they were riding pretty much blind. Yu-sung who is generally a quiet fellow exclaimed while he rode past me as i’m shooting “i am so blind” i don’t know why i found this to be so funny…maybe cause he said it with no emotion but the discomfort was evident… HAHAHAHA I love subtle random humour :P
I think one of my favorite things about photographing people is capturing their honest smiles and laughter…so I do my best to make a fool of myself to get them laughing at me…or each other keke whatever works.
I can’t wait to shoot their wedding because i know they have great taste :)

“Nerd Is In”


  1. Susan & Yusung wrote:

    We love it Geehae!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!

  2. you are right … they are very cute … nice photos

  3. gee wrote:

    susan and yusung!!!!!
    you guys were fantastic :) and i’m really excited for your wedding!
    i really love the photos from your shoot!

  4. ern wrote:

    i dunno what it is, but this engagement set makes me tear up. it is lovely.

  5. Daniel wrote:

    All of these shots look absolutely great, but I love the first one with the bike!