Meet Karen | Makeup


We are excited to announce that for our upcoming event, “Moms and Babes“, we are teaming up with a talented and up and coming MUA.

Meet Karen Kim!  This wonderful lady will be providing express makeovers to each of our special moms before they get into Gee’s focus.  After hearing about our hopes to pamper the moms, Karen enthusiastically volunteered her time and talent for our event.  Knowing how much preparation goes into getting out the door and how challenging it can be to give yourself some primping, we immediately fell in love with the idea!

So don’t stress if you find yourself rushing out the door with babe-in-arm and mascara-in-hand… come as you are and enjoy an express makeover.


~Tea with Karen~

G: Tell me your story!  How did you get your start in makeup?

K: My fascination for makeup started at a young age.  I loved playing with my mom’s makeup as a child and when I got older, any free time I had was spent playing with makeup in my washroom.  Makeup started off as a hobby, but when I attended the School of Makeup Art, I sensed it could turn into a career.  After finishing school, I worked various retail cosmetic jobs but got my start in freelance artistry by doing makeup for friends who were getting married.

G: What inspires you?

K: I always feel a gravitation towards bold colors in nature, especially when I see flowers, tropical fish, or the waters at a beach.  Anything that has a beautiful transition and gradient of color inspires me.  I’m also extremely inspired by other artists.  I could spend countless hours on Youtube watching makeup tutorials!

G: Any advice for makeup artists just starting out?

K: The more you do something the better you become at it, so practice as much makeup as you can!  Assisting a more established artist is a great way to gain experience as well.  Also, be willing to take on work even if there’s no pay because it’s still an opportunity to network and collaborate with other people in the industry.



G: Great advice – we really can’t underestimate practicing and networking.  This is a really important topic and I’d love to expand on it in future.  But, back to Karen.  Any quick makeup tips for moms on the go?

K: I’d recommend moms to look for products that multi-task.  For example, in a tinted moisturizer you’ll get the benefit of skin hydration while blurring out any imperfections (think of it as pantyhose for the face!).  For a pop of color on the complexion, look for multipurpose color sticks that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.  Or if all else fails, my quick 2 minute makeup routine consists of just concealer, blush, and curling my lashes – it does wonders to revive a dull tired face.  You don’t always need a full face of makeup to feel put together!


Ladies, if this is the first time you’re hearing about our upcoming  event, you’re in for a treat.  On Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 I am hosting a special pop-up event just for Moms and their Babies (not you gruffy hubbies)!  It is suitably titled, “Moms and Babes” and is a terrific opportunity to have these precious and fleeting moments captured.  I really wanted to create an event and space just for you.  Husbands: recognize the beautiful women that have brought your beautiful children into this world.  If you’re hunting for a great mother’s day gift, consider your hunt complete.  Check the website (click me to see the website!) for more details.  We look forward to hearing from you!