yesterday i was able to have some down time with a special friend. went to a starbucks at indigo and read my book and blogged. I looked at the time and realized we had been there for 4 hours! That’s a long time! and starbucks chairs are not the most comfy ;P
It’s nice! It’s SO nice that I have this job as my full time job. I keep reflecting and thinking about where I was just the beginning of this year and I’m amazed at Gods blessings and amazed at where he is taking me.

speaking of chilling…check out my pilot chilling out…he’s trying to sleep but i keep sticking a camera in his face. I swear if pilot wasn’t a dog he’d be a rabbit…don’t you agree? lol the photos aren’t really in focus but then again…who says photos have to be in focus? :)

agenda for tomorrow:
– take pilot to the vet?
– visit claudia to do some work
– trip up to stouffville to play with dog