Christine’s married!!!

Last weekend was a weekend to rememeber because christine got married to her perfect match. Also because I did my first boudoir photoshoot. What is a boudoir shoot? it’s a for-his-eyes-only photoshoot, a gift from the bride to the groom. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it turned out great! I wish I could show some photos but as i said…it’s for-his-eyes-only. I may add it to my wedding package…it’s definitly available for people to request so tell your friends
I wasn’t the photographer that day so i got to enjoy it as a guest and wear a pretty little dress. Can you believe i’m a guest 2 times this year!



intermission with jackie and priscilla :)


(clockwise from top left: 1. grace! so good to see her after so long. 2. group shot with all the girls. 3. willy and elaine…awwww. 4. me and sarah my forever friend and sister)


  1. Janice wrote:

    I like! =)

  2. chrisungeun wrote:

    i really like the last picture with you and sarah… <3