Flyer and the Catcher

I was having my one on one time with God when I came across this…

The Flyer and the Catcher

The Flying Rodleighs are trapeze artists who perform in the German circus Simoneit-Barum. When the circus came to Freiburg a few years ago, my friends invited me and my father to see the show. I will never forget how enraptured I became when I first saw the Rodleighs move through the air, flying and catching each other as elegant dancers. The next day I returned to the circus to see them again and introduced myself to them as one of their great fans. They invited me to attend their practice sessions, gave me free tickets, asked me to dinner, and suggested that I travel with them for a week through Germany. I certainly was “hooked” by the Rodleighs and felt driven to see them perform again and again and to enter deeply into their world. One day I was sitting with Rodleigh, the leader of the troupe, in his caravan, talking about flying. He said, “As a flyer, I must have complete trust in my catcher. The public might think that I am the great star of the trapeze, but the real star is Joe, my catcher. He has to be there for me with split-second precision and grab me out of the air as I come to him in the long jump.” “How does it work?” I asked. “The secret,” Rodleigh said, “is that the flyer does nothing and the catcher does everything. When I fly to Joe, I have simply to stretch out my arms and hands and wait for him to catch me and pull me safely up.”

– Spiritual Direction by Henri Nouwen

…it’s just such an amazing analogy of how Gods relationship to us kinda looks like, or at least should look like. It is not the amount of effort that we put in on our part because it is God that moves us. Of course we need to train and be ready to take up that role as the flyer (or as a human being living on this earth) but reality is often not what it seems because God is always working behind the scenes workin his magic ;P


  1. daseul wrote:

    again…truly truly beautiful :)

  2. June wrote:

    I felt a lump in my throat reading this..thanks for sharing this :)