gee’s bag: november

i thought i’d share a little bit about what i throw into my bag when i head out to a meeting, photoshoot, movie, shopping….basically everywhere cause you just never know. So here goes!

my ipad: take this baby with me everywhere because it’s my hub. emails, notes, games, books, calendar…everything!
my raybans: i hate being outside without it because i hate squinting! one of my pet peeves
my red moleskin: even though my ipad is awesome nothing beats writing on paper. I have about a dozen moleskins each with a different job.
keys + gerber: you never know what you need to cut or if you need a bottle opener (i love my beer).
chapstick: with the cold weather comes dry chapped lips yuk!
Instax by fijifilm: i picked this baby up recently and i love it! I’m so careful about what i shoot because a pack of 10 costs $10. such a different mentality from shooting with my dslr!
timex wristwatch: it’s retro and it’s badass, i love the simplicity of it and that i don’t care if it gets scratched or banged up and it does everything that a wristwatch should do. i got it for $15
mini crocodile clip: because i hate having hair in my face, i HATE being out without it especially when i’m eating grrrrr
my gray scarf. If you know me i you’ll know i wear a lot of black and grey…so i love this grey scarf because it goes with everything. Plus it’s november and it’s cold, keep yourself warm!
– and a $20 bill. never be out without a bit’o cash. Some of my fave places to eat only takes cash so imagine how sad i would be if i didn’t have a handy $20 bill to purchase my california sandwich or bowl or ramen :P yum yum


  1. Erica wrote:

    loving the instax and what it produced! : ) i want the scarf!!!

  2. gee wrote:

    i’ll swap my scarf for your isaiah :P

  3. Erica wrote:

    sure, i’ll take your scarf and also your babysitting services!