…gone camping :)

i’m going camping in a couple hours! I just wanted to put up a post before I leave. The past several days have been weird because my cousins are away in korea so i’m all alone :( so instead of sulking at home and doing nothing i crashed at claudias and did everything from cross fit to volleyball to a 7k jog to playing squash. It was quite the active couple days. Oh I actually played volleyball this time instead of just peppering and that was fun, i felt completely lost though because I didn’t know where to stand half the time!
crap! i should be packing right now!!!! I can’t wait to get away from the city and just chill out with my lovely friends…eat…swim…sleep….WOHOO! hopefully we don’t get attacked by bears, apparently there were bear sightings on our camp site. Maybe I should have bought some bear mace. OK i’m off to pack quicky! have a great week everybody!!!! I’m so excited :)