{ Honeymoon № 01 | big beach big love }

ok ok…i know i’ve super duper neglected my blogging but i hope you can forgive me!
The husband I spent a blissful two weeks away in Hawaii and it was AMAZING! I had some reservations about going because it seems like the typical honeymoon destination and it’s true! every other couple there is on their honeymoon. However, there are so many things to see and do and eat that it doesn’t really matter. We ate amazing food (thanks to wifi and yelp) and we hiked some amazing hikes and swam with turtles. The sunrise there is truly fabulous. We were so excited to see the sunrise that we got up super early the first morning and went sunrise hunting and ended up on Big Beach. We were there with the huge ocean in front of us and with the beach to ourselves we faced the sunrise.








bigbeach-22-2 bigbeach-23-2 bigbeach-24-2
self photography via timer….good times.


  1. Sarah wrote:

    GAH! The photos of the sunrise are so beautiful they make my butt tingle. And I love the last photo collage of you and Ronald – sums you both up perfectly! Show us more, MORRRRE!