i love brooke fraser

last night i went to my 3rd concert! seeing brooke fraser perform live was awesome and i lost myself in her silky voice. It was totally worth standing for several hours for her. Check out my brooke fraser tshirt isn’t it awesome? i contemplated waiting to get her sign it but was too shy :P
The night actually started off with my best friends bday dinner at Real Jerk for some awesome jamaican food. Her husband came and brought gifts for all the girls because he said that was the best gift he could give sarah *tear* how sweet is that? The men that came to the bday dinner were a little stressed because it’s a little hard to top. I mean who brings gifts for the guests? This is what he brought for us girls.
– assortment of teas
– custom roasted coffee.
– swarovski necklace
i was stunned to receive such lavish gifts when the occasion wasn’t even mine but felt so loved and cherished. *tear* I’m so blessed to have such amazing friends! so much to be thankful for.

at the concert i bumped into a whole bunch of ppl including some of my brides! bumped into wendy and vinci + isaac!!! claud was also there, we went with different groups of people but we were texting the whole time…i know it was as much fun as it sounds. Here’s a tidbit from our txt convo:
G: her voice is like hot chocolate
C: she’s a wicked live performer. i don’t like the audio on her voice though. sounds hollow.. why are the girls screaming when she takes off her jacket lol
G: hahaha i know. I agree. sounds harsh but still awesome
C: why are we txting so much? imagine we were standing next to each other?
G: hahaha omg i love how she wears boys clothes. I want to be her friend
C: hahaha she’s very random when she talks
G: Yea i love it!!

then brooke started singing “sailboats” and introduced it as a song that ppl can get married to…
G: hahha a song for ppl to get married to kekeke *heart*
C: I can’t hear the lyrics!! But it sounds romantic…she sings so in tune!! Frig
G: “my love is the ocean yours is te horizon..bla bla something something we’re sailing”
C: lol good lyrics “bla bla something something”

ok maybe it’s not as fun to read our convo if one was not part of it HAHAHA this has been one of my more random posts and i will stop here. the end.


  1. Claudia Hung wrote:

    I could see why people are completely NOT amused with our texts haha However, reading them made me laugh at my giant monitor because it’s so you and me, in a nutshell.
    I think my favourite one was “I’d do anything to make you bitter.”

  2. wendy wrote:

    i like! :)

  3. Vinci wrote:

    Nice to see you at the concert! I get to see you twice in a week :) I’m special…hehe…
    I loved that Sailboat song… i teared :) …and also at the fact that Brooke’s so awesome.


  4. michelle wrote:

    I was looking for the photographer who shot Brooke Fraser’s album because I forgot her name…
    So I googled “brooke fraser photographer” and it linked me to this page! baahahahaahaha