i said "yup!" to the queen

back when i lived in a boarding school in pakistan the queen of england came to visit to give one of our teachers an honorarium for something i can’t remember. the ceremony was held at the local church built in the 19th century. There our school choir sang for her and there were other things going on which i can’t remember because we weren’t allowed in. Most of us had to stay outside and if we were lucky we would get a glimpse of her as she walked out. as the ceremony came to a close we were all eager to see her…at that moment i felt like i had to DO something. as the queen and her posse began walking out i quickly plucked a flower from a near by garden and stuck my arm. the queen saw this skinny arm holding out a plain flower and exclaimed “oh is this for me?” to which i responded “YUP!”… i was instructed that if we were to speak the the queen we were to say “…your highness” but that flew out the door. needless to say i was pretty embarrassed because i had screwed up. but the queen did take my flower and continued the walk to her ride.

moral of the story is this. that if i hadn’t gone in search of a flower to give to the queen and had just stood there to watch as she walked past i wouldn’t have a story to tell. You have to take risks in life. you may think you want security and predictability but years down the road these are the very things that make us feel dead and trapped.
take risks and live with adventure.

“don’t ask yourself what the world needs. ask yourself what makes you come alive. and go do that. because what the world needs is people who have come alive” – gil bailie

a self portrait jan/2011

to be honest it’s weird to have the tables turned and be the subject. i’ve gotten so used to hiding behind my camera. but i guess it’s a good way to experiment and practice because other people are not always so willing to be my test subject. so i shall test on myself.