{ interiors № 01 | ikea and i }

I’m pretty good at building stuff. Maybe because I learned wood working from the tender age of 13 from a wonderful teacher who’s name is conveniently mr. wood. I hate going to ikea. But i loooooove to build it. One of the first steps ron and I are taking is turning our third room into a walk-in closet or “dressing room”. My hands are itching to build it but i’m realizing i’m not physically strong enough to build 100cm x 236cm closets on my own….so i patiently wait for ron to be available to build. Maybe this blog post will encourage him to come upstrairs now and help meeeeeee!!!!! come help me!!! as I wait I post these lovely photos of the condition of our space. It’s messy and I want it to not! shazam! be gone mess!