It’s not about the equipment

Terry Richardson knows this. He appears at a shoot with a Yashica T4 LOL yea and people would laugh but then he produces this:

I think it’s especially hard as a young photographer to really let that sink in. It’s so easy to let your ambition speak through what kind of equipment you have. When I started out I started with the Canon xti and I would always dream about getting a better camera. Now I shoot with a D700 and I dream about lighting equipment and lenses. So when I see photos taken by Terry with the Yashica T4 I’m reminded and challenged once again to try to pump out photos that pushes me and not let the equipment limit me because a lot of the times it’s psychological. I’m almost tempted to go and buy a film point and shoot camera :D

I’ve been doing a lot of research these days into other photographers…trying to learn as much as I can and I’ll admit I’m having a blast! I love photography!!!!
so Terry Richardson…you have a new fan. I love his raw and gritty style, it really speaks to me and there’s something so honest about it.