just doing

Beware…this is another random post of my thoughts. Please do not judge too harshly. hehehe

Maybe I’m just weird
Maybe it’s the way I was raised….
Growing up I moved around so much I grew accustomed to change.
Now when there isn’t much going on I CRAVE it…

for example…I feel like running a marathon…so I think i’ll start training
I feel like visiting australia…I think i’ll look into going this winter!

I’m often thankful for the way I grew up. I grew up in a boarding school in Pakistan (I know it’s so random) where there were very little resources for artistic kids. Piano teachers changed almost every year…art teachers changed almost as frequently and some years there were no art teachers. I vowed to myself that once I got out into the western world I would take advantage of the resources around me and DO the things that I had always wished to do.

When I arrived in Canada I felt an urgency…almost like I had to make up for time lost. By the time I got here I was in grade 11. I was a frightened kid because my only exposure to the western world was through movies and movies always portrayed bullying and school shootings. Imagine that! A kid scared of taking the bus alone in Canada after having lived in Pakistan. I was mostly fearful throughout high school and university. It’s only in the last couple years that I’ve felt comfortable with the culture.

Fear cripples people from doing and stepping forward. I was crippled for a long time and sometimes it still cripples me. But what is life without a little bit of risk? Don’t become a person of regret! Take a little risk today.