Korea Randoms #02

I’m almost halfway through my trip to the homeland and I miss Toronto. Which would I classify as my “home”. I would say Toronto. I’ve come to really love Toronto and it’s multicultural colouring. I can’t believe I’ve already been living there for 10 years!!!! Time does fly. I love how I can eat whatever I want whether it’s indian or thai or ethiopian or chinese. I love food. Toronto is such a good home base. The people are friendly and the weather…well…we’ll leave the weather out of it. hahahha. Besides the fact that winters are friggin freeeezing and loooong it’s quite charming when you get out of the city.

So what have I been doing with my time here? Well relaxing. I’m relaxing cause I know this summer is going to be CRAZY. With all the weddings i’m shooting in toronto I’m going to have my hands full. I’ve also made a larger commitment to working out… and i must say that my ass hurts right now, lunges can do that to you hahaha. Oh dear, people are reading this. ok… if you’re visiting my blog to check out what kind of photographer I am…I’m really quite a normal person hahahha.
And to close this entry here’s a very blurry unfocused photo of me…taken by my sister in law after which she remarked that she is quite good! lol


  1. yaejin wrote:

    hope youre having fun in korea!

    i love the new layout hehe

    miss you!

  2. June wrote:

    aww Unni you’re so cute.

    I’ve been working out too!!! Be proud of me. I worked out for an hour today. Got home. Ate a bag of chips. Ate some candy as well. Then accidentally took a nap for five hours.

    Health much?

  3. June wrote:

    I meant: Healthy much?

  4. nammilee wrote:

    geehae! I love you…