Mali 2009

tonight i went to help my friends pack food supplies for their missions trip to Mali. I thought it would be cool to take some documentary photos for some extra footage for their website check out some shots i took of them against a white wall…i started off taking photos against a beige wall not knowing that the wall i had my back against was white…lol late on i switched walls :p couple of the guys got their head shaved and it was funny as hell.

It’s great to see team work :) while team members were helping pack, team leaders were going through some last minute logistics for the trip. Undoubtedly it can be stressful having to plan a trip with so many people going but during such times i think it’s important to just step back and have a little fun..
I wish I could go with them to Africa, oh well, my time to travel will come later i think :)


One Comment

  1. roskho wrote:

    wow, how on earth did these photos come out this clearly? i don’t remember that hallway being so bright…

    as always, you and your photographs rock gee! g-funk can definitely g-rock as well!!