my friend’s engagement

I’m soooo excited for my friends wedding in vancouver next year in july! It’s really an amazing thing to be a part of someone’s life through such a monumental day. I’m reminded of this every time I shoot a wedding.
I post a lot about other people so when Jenn told me she was going to post about each person in her wedding party I was a little nervous! But she only said nice things about me. Her blog is so cute! She’s been using it as her “sketch book” for her wedding. It’s filled with her random thoughts, wedding ideas, her relationship with her fiance… i like it!

anyways! just wanted to blog about how much I love Jenn
also, check out this photo! this was over 3 years ago already at my best friends wedding (you can see her in the background making a funny face)  and we look like babies!!! hahahaha can’t wait to take more current photos with you jenn mooners!

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  1. ronald wrote:

    i likey. and why can i not seem to comment on jenn’s blog??