my life right now

so with the wedding season slowing down it gives me more time on my plate to work on projects that i’ve wanted to as well as do fun things! It’s so great to have this down time to recoup and re-energize. Here are some things that’s been going on in my life.

1. rock climbing
i’ve been climbing consistently for about 3 months now and i LOVE IT! I’m actually deathly afraid of heights and the first time i went i had a terrible time climbing. So it’s normal to ask why I would go back. Personally, fear of something is a big motivation factor for me. The last thing I want is to back down from something just because i’m scared so i jumped in with both feet and joined True North Climbing where i’ve been able to slowly conquer my fear of heights as well as meet some AMAZING people there. The climbing community is incredibly friendly and down to earth. If you know me I’m all about honesty and being REAL so they’re my kind of people. John Gross, the owner of the gym, worked in the computer animation software business for many many years but decided to go for his dream to open up an indoor climbing gym. I love meeting people who break away from the 9-5 to go for their dreams. It totally inspires me and gives me such respect for those who do it.
To start things off I went to mec to buy climbing shoes and harness as well as lululemon for some comfy clothes.

2. interior design project
when a friend approached me about completely gutting and redoing his condo i was super excited and scared because it’s been several years since i’ve done any interior design work. However i jumped on the wagon as his “designer” and have been working to finish everything at least to 95% before the end of this year so he can sell next year. it’s been great to get my hands dirty on site and really be fully immersed in a project which i didn’t get a chance to do when i worked for a company.

3. preparing for mission trip to africa
at the end of this year i’ll be headed to mali on missions. it’ll require me to rough it a little and live on a boat but i’m SUPER excited. MEC is one of my favorite places to shop so i love any excuse to go there. I’ll be taking my camera to document what i see, taking in some landscapes and portraits. It’s going to be a fantastic way to end another fantastic year. I picked up an awesome sleeping bag and a 15L compression sack. I’ll have to pack super light for the trip so i need to plan ahead. wohoo!


  1. jen chough wrote:

    hey Gee,
    My friends are in Mali: Koutiala.
    They are teachers working for missionaries there. Let me know if you’re going on missions in that area…because maybe there’s something you could collaborate on…I don’t know. I just thought I would let you know!
    I’ll pray for your missions there!



  2. Jenn Lee wrote:

    i miss designing… one down side to being a stay at home mommy now.
    i’m only doing consultations right now.

    i will be praying for you as well and the entire african missions team.