Personal Retreat

hello folks!
I’m away at Tyrolean Village Resorts at Blue Mountain on a personal retreat. Here I plan to evaluate my 2009 weddings and prepare myself for 2010. I’m so blessed because my calendar is really filling up and i’m running out of saturdays fast! It’s beautiful up here with the cold crisp air and quiet. It’s just great to get out of the hustle and bustle of toronto. I brought my camera and this morning took some shots of the view we have out of our window but silly me forgot to bring my card reader…so the picture below was not taken from my camera but from my mac. This is the perfect time to have this retreat too…it’s near the end of the year and I just passed my birthday! I’ve aged a little more.

My birthday was fantastic…began with a lovely letter from a very special friend :p and a surprise massage! I’ve been meaning to get a massage for the longest time but never got around to it so I really appreciated this surprise. Then we went on a beer tour at the Steam Whistle Brewery where I was pleasantly surprised by their business ethics. I got to learn about beer and canadian history :) next we finished off the day by having a fabulous meal at the Boiler House. Yum. Good food makes me happy.

So for the next year I’m really thinking about branding because branding is so important to a business. There’s an image and feeling that’s conjured when you think of different companies such as Apple, Starbucks or Louis Vuitton. I’m in the process of doing this and it’s really fun! Who knew? This is so different from what I thought I would enjoy and what I thought I’d be doing when I grew up.

And to wrap up this entry…i finally watched Food.Inc. I’ve heard about it through so many people and I was aware of animal abuse and such but i wasn’t aware of how these corporations were affecting individuals who are harvesting the crops and animals…so sad :( maybe I should follow Joee and go au naturel….go all organic :p