So a friend recently gave me the whole 4th season of So You Think You Can Dance. I started watching it right before I left toronto…then continued to watch on my friggin loooong flight and i’m finishing it right now in the homeland. WOW! SYTYCD is SUCH an awesome show! Not only does it display amazing talent but there’s so much one can learn as an artist. That’s right! I learned so many amazing lessons through the show. I realized through the show that talent isn’t everything. During the early episodes this amazing dancer came to audition and he was an amazing dancer….but he was soooo full of himself and had an attitude. He didn’t get picked. I was surprised but it makes sense. If i was a photographer just so full of myself with enough pride for a nation then who would want to work with me? Here are some things I learned:
– have a great attitude
– receive constructive criticism well
– polish technique but more importantly pump out honest work. If people can’t connect with my photos then I’ve failed as a photographer boohoo

anyways, on a side note I needed an agenda so i went out and got myself the perfect one. I love agendas…too bad you only need only one per year. I also got the cutest stamp! It’s a jar! LOL i don’t know why I think it’s so awesome. Maybe because it’s not the conventional pretty + girly stamp… There’s a lot of awesome stationary in korea and it’s hard to resist them.

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    yaaay! another agenda update! HAHAHA~ reminds me of your update from last year when you went ;)
    and you’re baaaad…now you put another thing on my list of procrastinating tools…wath SYTYD! :S
    love you and miss you! lemme know how you’re doing, let’s ichat sometime soooon!
    ps: i sick as a dog, yo :(