vintage suitcase

the other day my friend and i spent the day going around downtown toronto. initially it was to scope out some lofts. i looooooooooove lofts and i dream of living in a very large one one day. the trip turned out to be more than just a visitation as we ended up going to liberty village to mildred’s temples kitchen to try their blueberry pancakes which they ONLY serve on weekends :P it was yummmoooO!! hands down the best pancakes i’ve ever had. talking about it makes me want to go back for more. we also visited kensington market where there’s a shop called “funkyjunky” that sells retro antiques. I felt like a kid in a candy store. in the end i picked a cool forest greeny antique suitcase with a leather trim to take home with me. Since we were in the area we took a stroll along china town and rummaged through their stores. It’s crazy how one can spend hours doing nothing much but feel like one has achieved so much! lol