i’m a wedding photographer with a love for interior design

as i was exploring where we could shoot at a wedding venue i came across the venue office…it was totally by accident and i would’ve turned around if not for the beautiful loft style office space. I just HAD to take a few photos for documentation sake. i love how my job as a wedding photographer allows me to meet so many different people as well as SEE so many interesting things. I gain access to so many peoples homes and it’s sooo cool!

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  1. Yury wrote:

    Hey Geehae! You should come by my office building! We’re the 401 Richmond building at Richmond and Spadina. It’s an old building that a philanthropist wanted to convert into an art space. There are a bunch of arts companies and orgs that work out of this building. A lot of the work is displayed outside of the doors as well. Lots of wooden floors and red brick walls? You should be able to find some cool spaces to take photos, including our rooftop patio that’s infamous at lunchtime in this area.