Miss Gee is moving again. I move every 2 years not because I want to but circumstances force me to! I’ve moved so many times now that I can’t even count it. It all began when I left korea as a kindergartener for scotland then to england….and somehow I find myself in Canada and i’m a wedding photographer?!? what the heck? hahaha! Life is SOOO random sometimes :) I’m really thankful though for all that Gods done in my life and the ways in which He’s always provided for me.

So here’s the state of my office…kind of a mess but also kind of the point seeing as i’m trying to pack.
Here are some things you’ll find in my office:
– my 30″ monitor and 15″ macbookpro
– plyers?
– all sorts of camera bags…for travel, day, casual, work…so many bags
– bike helmet?
– Files
– loose change
– a lamp I don’t use…

dang i have a lot of random stuff lying around :P
Although it’s a hassle moving around so much it’s kind of nice because it gives me an opportunity to shed all my junk. I’m forcing myself to throw out anything that I haven’t touched in over a year. We really don’t need that many things and I find that I’m happiest when I have less than too much. I forget how blessed I am and how RICH I am! My goal is to be more generous with the things that I have now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire if you can’t be generous when you have little you’ll still be selfish when you have lots.

Do something generous today.